Gun violence in the united states

The united states has had its fair share of problems in regards to gun violence and a number of unfortunate events involving sadly, teenagers. Its very sad indeed that despite all the people who live there have been through, the government, refuses to establish more stringent regulations on the access to fire arms. Apparently they are respecting the freedoms of their citizens to "protect" themselves.

People often make bad choices, laws are not meant to restrict people's freedoms but to guide them and maintain order otherwise chaos will reign! Sometimes people are ruled by their emotions especially anger which drives people to seek vengeance. Yes, sometimes that anger is understandable when we are wronged by others or taunted. In that moment, we are not thinking clearly. What would stop me from going to the store to buy a gun when they are as easy to buy as candy?

Teenagers are especially emotional and full of angst. Going through teenage years is particularly difficult today and other children can be mean (bullies). We need to find a way to guard and protect them from violence especially at such a volatile stage in their life. People are capable of anything, some people crack under emotional pressure and we all know what happens next!

I hope that the Government of the U.S will finally do something to bring justice and peace to its citizens. To all those who have lost someone in this senseless tragedy, our prayers and thoughts are with you! God bless you all!

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