Making sense out of loss

A friend of mine recently lost her new born baby boy and she is devastated. There are no words to describe what she and her husband must be feeling right now. I didn't even now the words to say to comfort her. How do you make sense of such a tragedy? Children are always innocents and its just too much to comprehend why such things happen in life!

We have all lost people we knew and loved, sometimes to senseless crimes, incurable diseases and even "natural causes". I know it helps us to move on when we have a reason why someone we cared about died but sometimes there is no answer and we need to let it go. You have to grieve for a time, yes let yourself feel all the things you need to and then move on with your life.

In order to keep on living, you have to let go of your grief otherwise it will drive you to an early grave or a life closed off from others and that is not living. When you cannot make sense of loss, let it go and do not dwell on the pain and become bitter. Give it God who sees every tear that falls from your eyes and he will comfort you and turn your grief into joy some day. God bless you all!

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