Searching for signs!

Last week , one of the mass readings from the bible was about how the people in Jesus' time kept looking for more signs or "proof" that he was the messiah. People really never change! In our day, people want proof of everything and explanations because apparently science has all the answers we have been searching for and there is nothing that cant be explained!

The mere fact that you draw air should be enough of a sign for you of God's omnipotence and love. Do you really think that as some scientists say, the world came from a big bang of nothingness? When has something ever come from nothing? Do you really believe that you evolved from an ape or a fish or whatever scientists want us to believe?

Faith is not about proof. Sometimes you have to take a step into the unknown and trust that it will all work out. Some would say "blind" faith but our faith is not blind. Faith has made martyrs courageous and made saints out of the worst sinners. The signs of God's enduring love for us are everywhere, be careful not to miss them, they are right before your eyes! God bless you all!

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