Life and expectations

William Shakespeare is quoted as saying :

" I always feel happy. You know why? Because I don’t expect anything from anyone. Expectations always hurt… Life is short… So love your life… Be happy… And keep smiling… Just live for yourself and…
Before you speak? Listen..
Before you write? Think..
Before you spend? Earn..
Before you pray..Forgive
Before you hurt...Feel
Before you Hate...Love
Before you quit...try
Before you!"

Those are wonderful wise words and you would be wise as well to take them to heart. In life, we are often disappointed and hurt because of so many unrealistic expectations. I am not saying we should not hold people accountable to a high standard based on their actions but we need to be realistic in life.

People will always disappoint you, you have to get over it. Sometimes it is just because of their own human weaknesses or sometimes you have your own judgements and opinions about how they should behave and they just don't meet your standards. Sometimes you will try your hardest to make something work but it doesn't seem to be going forward or working out the way you planned. Guess what? That 's life, the worst thing you can do is give up on trying!

You need to manage your expectations of other people and of life's situations and challenges! And don't get me started on people's expectations on love....
Live your life and make it count, not for other people but for you and don't expect too much, be grateful everyday and put a smile on your face and put one on everyone around you! Be happy! God bless you all!

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