Your unique identity

People love to compare their lives and personalities with others. They admire or aspire to be like someone they think has a life better than their own. Parents also sometimes compare their children to others and ask "why cant you be more like  the child they think has the qualities they like ?" That is a very wrong thing to say indeed.

People are different and uniquely created. We are just prejudiced and sometimes we even don't like certain people for no reason at all! Some people just rub us the wrong way even when they have not done anything to offend us, its part of our human weakness. However its something that you and  i can work on. Some people's personalities just don't blend easily with others and we may think of them as abrasive but you should also have it in mind that some people think the same of you.

People will always have opinion and judgements about your life and personality. You are not living your life for others, you are living it for you! That being said, do not ignore people's advice about things that are true and can make you better. Positive criticism is important in your personal growth as a person. However there is a line between criticism and patronizing or treating people with condescension . We need to know he difference and stick to positive criticism of people's faults and we need to talk to people about their faults with a spirit of charity, not to bring them down or inflict hurt on them.

Always remember that you do not have to be and were not meant to be another version of someone else! You were created imperfectly perfect and never for one second aspire to be someone other than who you are. Just try to see the good aspects in other people use those aspects to make your life better! God bless you all!

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