living without love is not really livng at all!

I am not referring to being romantically involved with someone specifically but to having love in your heart for other people and for life in general. People always seem to be searching for love in the wrong places. We were made to love and from love but we do not have to be "desperate"to find it. Often times, love happens when we least expect it.

First of all, we need to start by learning to love ourselves. I do not mean by being vain and narcissistic but by making an effort to care for our health and well being and understanding that we are not perfect but we can work on our weaknesses and make our lives better. You cannot love someone else until you love yourself.

Romance and love  are great things indeed but we need to accept that not everyone finds that kind of love in life. That is ok too, to be single and happy. No one has the right to make you feel bad because you are not in a relationship! I hope you will all be open to love in your lives, no matter how many times you get hurt or disappointed. You are not really alive if you cannot love! Remember that there is one person who will always love you no matter what, God. You will find him if you truly seek love!

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