Oh to be young and innocent again! Children are so innocent and sweet, so pure especially when they are still very young. They are a treasure and a joy whose innocence should be protected at all costs.
Some one once told me that when he got home, his child came running to hug him and ask how his day was. Very touching indeed!

Some people especially in our modern era, decide not to have children, including married couples. Some people abort(murder) their own children because they "are not ready." Some people abandon their children and disown them as if they didn't exist. Some people even give the reason of the cruel and harsh world we live in as an excuse not to have them.

All these reasons cannot justify the destruction of innocents(children). Even by our own selfish actions as adults for example through abortion, through broken families, through rejection of responsibility, we cause sometimes irreparable damage to children. We sometimes force them to grow up so fast especially in the case of absentee parents. Some children have to grow up in foster homes without the love of their parents, feeling rejected.

We must do everything possible to preserve the innocence of children everywhere. As adults, we have the responsibility to instill values in children. For those who cannot bear their own children, there will always be a child somewhere searching for someone to love them and a place to call home!

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