Someone close to me is unhappy with me because i didn't tell them something about another person close to me.  Secrets have a way of coming between people. (sigh) However that particular thing i didn't say was not my place to talk about it. It was supposed to be the person directly involved telling her about it. Anyway she found out and here we are. She is mad at me.

Its not good to keep secrets but somethings are best kept to yourself.  People always say" i kept something a secret to protect you." I know it sounds very cliche but sometimes i think its true. Knowing the truth about certain things is painful and sometimes destructive to the person. You need to judge the situation before you speak. Some truth's may even damage someone's reputation or be used as fodder for gossip and ridicule.

Lets all be prudent with the secrets we are keeping and learn when not to say anything about certain truths. I hope she forgives me some day. (sigh)

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