Detachment and Apathy

In our world today, there are so many cases of detachment from the people we live or work with, even in our own families. I work in the travel industry and visa regulations change frequently. Last week i was reading the visa regulations for certain countries. If you had recently traveled to Liberia or sierra Leone, you would be refused  entry into some of these countries. Some people even suggested closing the borders of those countries entirely.

We tend to see the problems of others as not directly affecting us. What a world we live in today! We should be ashamed of ourselves because this Ebola crisis in west Africa and other crises have brought out the worst in us. Over 4500 people have died in west Africa as the world looks on. It is just heartbreaking to think that we have ignored our brothers and sisters to die in unimaginable pain and squalor.  Many children are now orphaned and the entire health structure is too strained to handle other health problems like malaria and typhoid.

I am ashamed of myself but that is not enough. We all need to lend a helping hand. Give whatever you can, be it a smile, words of comfort and encouragement, clothing, medicines , finances. Please do something in your community, in your family in your workplace to help out those in need. God bless you!

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