The month of November is traditionally dedicated to the souls of the departed. In the homily the priest gave in my local church last Sunday, he said that especially in Africa, we usually forget our dead relatives and friends after the burial. This is kind of ironic because in traditional African culture, the dead were revered and honored. 

Of course in some ways this practice was misguided as in the worship of ancestral spirits which is occultist, we need to honor and remember our dearly departed ones. We always love to comfort those who have lost heir loved ones by telling them "they are in a better place, they are at peace". But are they really?

Some people have dreams and shall i say "visions" about their departed loved ones or other people. I believe when this happens, that soul is restless and searching for peace on the other side.  Try to find out what the soul wants from you and pray about it. Also pray for that soul to rest. However please note that the practice of trying to communicate with the dead is evil, do not seek out spirits in seances and other occult practices.

The catholic church has a teaching on purgatory which i believe. Purgatory exists because of God's mercy and love. It is a place of expiation for sin and the scars of sin when one dies when not in a state of grace. It is a place of intense suffering in order to purify one's soul to be able to enter heaven when one is pure as only the pure of heart shall see God. However the souls there though in unimaginable suffering, are filled with the hope and certainty that one day they will see God and be at peace. They cannot pray for themselves and rely on the living to pray for them so that they can attain peace sooner. Please look up St. Bridget's prayer for the holy souls in purgatory.

At the hour of our death, we are presented with the same choice we have been given throughout our lives. Will you choose merciful love or divine justice? God's mercy is endless so enter through the door of mercy otherwise you will not escape God's justice!

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