Little things

Take a moment today and be grateful for the "little things" in life.  We usually want "big things in our lives". We want that top job, mansion, luxurious new sports car. We want to be recognized and considered successful in life. We are taught in life that in order to succeed, we need to achieve something greater than others. We need to be 'better" than just average.

I think that the idea that you need to be better is a good one. However, do not measure success based on the lives of other people. We love to compare our lives to others and sometimes think "why cant i be like so and so? why cant i have his or her life?" This is a very wrong way of thinking indeed. No one's life is perfect no matter how much money they have, or  power or good looks or fame. The irony of life is the people we are envious of are actually envious of your life too.

We cannot all have the same lives no matter how much we want to nor should we be envious of the lives of others. Its not necessary for you to be rich, or have great looks , or a top job, or have power and fame to be happy. How many people do we know who have all those things or some of those things and are still miserable? You need to appreciate that you are alive, you can breathe, you woke up this morning, you have a family, you have friends, you can feel the sun on your skin. There are so many little things in life that we take for granted everyday. No matter who or what you are in life, you have a purpose and an incomprehensible and immeasurable value. God's purpose for you  will be revealed if you let him into your life. God bless you all! May you achieve your full potential in life through doing God's will!

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