Royal priesthood

There has been alot of criticism of pope Francis I in particular especially after the recent synod of catholic bishops in October. There has also been alot of criticism of roman catholic priests in recent years following the sex abuse scandal. Yes, they are called to live exemplary lives and are held to the highest moral satndards. However they are human beings like you and me and are this fallible.

No one is perfect and have we ever considered that, we are to a certain extent responsible for each others failings as human beings. Priests make mistakes just like we all do. I am not saying that mistakes are right, they are not, they are just human and we need to see beyond the mistake in order to take corrective action and ensure that it does not happen again.

The media seems to twist francis' words sometimes or to exaggerate what he says. The result is alot of controversy and criticism for whatever the pope does or says. People always have opinions about  you and what you do. Pope francis already talked about gossip and how our words hurt others deeply. We need to be careful what we say especially about priests. Roman catholic preists have been ordained by God with the power to transform the host into the body and blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ in the sacrifice of mass. ("yes, i am a proud Roman Catholic") We should refrain from judging other people's actions and words especailly priests as our judgement will always be clouded by prejudice. God bless you all!

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