Obsession with sensuality

We are indeed a society so obsessed with sensuality especially in modern times. From our clothing, to our music, to our media, to our lifestyle. Freedom of expression is a good thing and everyone should be able to live according to their rights but sometimes i think we take it too far.

A certain female artiste had some nude photos of herself taken for her ex-boyfriend. I know alot of young men and women take nude photos especially in their youth. However because of the society we live in, it is more damaging to women. Anyway, the photos of said artiste were leaked by him after an angry spat with her. Of course her fans may say they still love and support her but her reputation is ruined now. Almost everyone with a smart phone in Uganda has seen her naked.

I was also reading story in one of the local papers about how somebody's marriage was almost destroyed by her husband's addiction to pornography. He no longer desired his own wife. When are we going to get it. There is a lot of acting going on in porn, Some of the things going on and the positions are just crazy and not even possible. ("so i have heard from porn freaks because i personaly don't look for porn").  A real person will always be much more than that stupid picture or video. I dont even want to mention what this easily accessible porn is doing to teenagers and children! Can you imagine child pornography? How sick have we become?

For those out there who are "porn freaks", pun intended, make the decision to cut it out of your life and gradually you will overcome this addiction. As a society, we need to find ways to find meaning in our lives. Try sports, get a pet, travel, find pleasure in other things apart from sensuality. Good Luck!

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