Do not misunderstand kindness for Love

Kindness is an aspect of love. However kindness should not be confused for love. Today, we live in a world where people avoid suffering or want to "protect" their loved ones from any kind of suffering. While i do admire people's kind intentions, we must learn to accept that life is never going to be free from suffering.

Some people even go as far as to say they do not want to have children to spare them from the harsh world we are living in. In my head, i always think seriously? Get a grip people. The priest in my local church gave a homily the previous Sunday about how parents are not bringing up their children responsibly.  Some parents grew up in poor families and had to struggle when they were young and so they feel that their children should not suffer out of "love" for them.

Honestly, we need tough love people. If you bring up your children trying to shelter them from every hardship in life, they will have no strong values in life and they will become irresponsible adults. There are lessons to be learned from hardships and they always make you stronger and even a better person for persevering. Some atheists use the reason that if God exists, then why does he permit suffering?  Have you ever once considered that most if not all of the suffering in this world is caused by our own human selfishness? We simply do not care enough about the lives of one another! Euthanasia is another act done in the name of love! How many horrible things we actually commit in the name of love", a false love i say because that is not true love!

True love says i will not lie to you because i want to be kind, Tell something like it is and if someone feels insulted, too bad! The choice is yours, are you going to be truly loving or make someone feel good just because you are trying to be "kind"?

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