Murder in the name of Mercy

Last week i was reading a story about parents in one of the Nordic countries who have killed hundreds of babies because they could not bear to see their children suffering. Euthanasia or so called "mercy killing" in my opinion is just a way to sugar coat murder. Another story about euthanasia said that a mother who had a constant ringing or scratching sound in her ears decided to end her life because she could not bear it anymore and left two children behind.

I was just speechless to be honest. There are certain lines in life that we should not cross. Playing God is one of them. Who are we to decide who lives and who dies? And who are we to decide when a life should end? How many people are actually suffering in unbearable pain but still choose to hold on and persevere in their suffering?

I do not believe in this so called "mercy killing." The truth is sometimes people are in so much pain that they just want an end to it all. I can understand that, and i can understand not wanting to see the person you care about suffer. But "Life is a bitch sometimes", deal with it! That's tough love but in life we need to understand that not everything is permissible. You cannot change things just because you want to, somethings cant be fixed and not every problem in life has a solution. Sometimes there is no answer. Even the clinically insane are now being euthanized as an act of mercy. We need to wake up and ask ourselves, where does it all end?  Will i really be able to come back from this as a human being?

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