Killing cannot be justified.

Yesterday, i was reading some truly horrific news about a 16 year old girl who was killed in a so called "honor killing" by her own brother and mother because she got pregnant and did not consent to an arranged marriage. Honestly, i was speechless and truly horrified. How can your own family do that to you?

I understand that we have different cultures and views because of the diversity of our race. However which culture or people justify murder? Two wrongs do not make a right. When someone makes a mistake, i do not believe that you cannot find a solution. Of course i have read stories about the cruel treatment of women in India which even prompts mothers to abort their unborn children if it is discovered that they are carrying females. What is this world really coming to?

It will never be alright with me to kill someone in cold blood. There is a wise quote that says "bad things often happen because of the silence of good people". Wake up people, we need to fight the bad things that are happening in our world. If you see something wrong and you know in your heart it is wrong, speak up! Fight back and say you wont stand for it! A priest in my local church told as that one day he was stuck in a bus park somewhere and some wicked man came with guns and tried to take a young lady away by force. He knew that they intended to rape her but he spoke up and said he would not let them take her by force. They left her but how many of us have the courage to do that. Stand up for what is right people!

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