Misplaced Anger

"When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade", so the saying goes! Life is often viewed as unfair, even by those we think are well off, wealthy, good looking, healthy e.t.c. Truth be told "life is a bitch" most often than not. However some people do not really need to complain so much about their lives. There are truly people out there in great suffering with huge problems but still find a moment to smile and be happy.

Sometimes when we are experiencing trials in our lives, and yes some of these trials are caused by other people either directly or indirectly, we lash out at others. We become self righteous and angry  at the world and people around us. It is human to get angry but we should not blame other people for our misfortunes. We need to take control of our lives and be responsible. You are responsible for your own choices and can choose to direct your path in life. Yes, sometimes in life we have to struggle harder than others and we do not all have the same opportunities but it is never to let to turn your life around. Fight for the things you want out of life and believe in yourself, believe that you can achieve the good things you want. However do not be disappointed when you do not get everything you want or in the way you planned, life just never works like that. But you can achieve something if you try!

Whenever you feel angry at the world, talk to someone about it, remember the things you do have, if you have life in you, its never too late. And also, suck it up people and move on with your life! (tough love i know)

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