What a waste!

I recently put a lot of food on my plate and was unable to finish it so i dumped it in the trash.  I felt guilty afterwards because there are so many people in the world who go hungry sometimes for a whole day and even search for left overs and food thrown out in the trash. Wastefulness does not only apply to food, it can apply to other things and even to our potential as human beings.

Many people, especially young people waste their potential! How many are involved in robberies, drugs, prostitution? Granted, circumstances in life are sometimes so hard for some people such that they look for an easy way out or quick cash. There are no short cuts in life and you have to work really hard to make your way in life. Life is never going to be easy. There is so much unemployment and i know a lot of young people are discouraged and think what is the point? will i ever get to achieve my dreams even if i work hard? The answer is yes and more! You may not get exactly what you wanted but you will get something even better.

For those out there who have better opportunities in life and more let me say "money", use your position or circumstances in life to make a positive change in the lives of those less fortunate than you. Do not waste your money on luxurious things you do not even need. I do not have anything against pets, however what i will say is someone who leaves all their wealth to a pet after death must be a "Little crazy." What a waste! There are millions of people living in poverty around the world! Shame on you!

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