Searching for God

"Seek and you shall find." True words to live by. On Christmas day, the priest in my local church gave a homily and said we need to search for God if we truly want the truth. Lets take the good example of the shepherds and the three kings from the east. They searched for God and found him and their joy was complete.

Do not just sit down and say God does not exist and say i believe in science. We keep asking for signs of God's existence and love but they are too many to count. Some people say that if God exists, then he is not benevolent. How can he allow so many bad things to happen to us. How can he allow pedophiles, murderers, prostitutes, thieves, adulterers and so many other evil people to exist. We often forget that life is not black and white, people are not inherently evil and some circumstances make them the way they are or the cruelty of others drives them to evil. We forget that life is a trial for everyone, rich or poor, black or white, whatever our circumstances in life, we are all the same.

God rarely intervenes directly or reveals himself directly but the signs of his presence and love are always visible. I for one always look at the diversity and beauty of created things, in nature, i find the hand of God. You cannot convince me that we all evolved from a single cell or that we just exploded into existence out of nothing. Some people are just so gullible and because that's what "science" says, it must be right. I also see God in the kindness of people's hearts, some people really are sensitive to the needs of others even to the point of selflessness!

If you are really searching for the truth and meaning of your existence, for your purpose, then seek for the truth ( God) and you shall find it. (him) God bless you all!

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