Too much is not enough

There was a song i was listening to a while back and one of the lyrics was saying something about letting loose tonight and that "too much is not enough". It really got me thinking about life and the false allure of material things. Honestly, human beings are greedy, its one of our flaws. There is a time i used to think that if i got just this or that, i would be content. And today i do have some of the things i really wanted a while ago but am not content. I want more and i am sure after i get that, i will still want more. (sigh)

Everyday as part of the marketing strategy by companies is to encourage you to spend your last penny. ('they are trying to bleed you dry"). Yes we do need some basic things in life like food and clothing. However companies these days are enticing us with so many luxuries and things you do not need. whenever i go to my local supermarket, i end up buying something i didn't really need in the first place. There are some things i buy on impulse  just because they look so tempting on the shelves.
"Retail therapy" only works for a little while and afterwards you realize you wasted your money on something you didn't need and you feel like you want something else now. /Something new, and the cycle continues.

We have a void in our lives that i believe can only be filled by God through fulfilling his purpose for you. I would encourage you to read a purpose driven life by rick warren. It is great for inspirational motivation. In life we are never going to be satisfied with what we have, we will always want more. We just have to learn to be grateful for what we have and look for the simple joys that life brings. Don't be fooled by the false allure of material things. That false happiness will never last, true and lasting happiness comes from finding love with God!

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