Among you as one who serves!

True leadership is about service and not only leaders are called to serve, but the people as well! However it is through leading by example that certain values can be instilled in the people who follow you! If you read the bible (new testament) , there are so many examples of Jesus Christ leading by example. He is the truest figure of what a leader should be like!

When leaders are elected by the people or some who seize power by force, they are responsible for the lives of the people they lead. They need to ask themselves, are my people healthy, do they have the basic needs of life( food, shelter, education)? Are my people living in peace? Are their human rights being respected?

Being a leader means putting the needs of the community above and beyond your own needs or your families needs! Today and in the past, we have people full of ambition who want power just for the sake of a false sense of security and to acquire wealth for themselves. Our leaders are mostly selfish and have ignored the needs of the people they serve. May God inspire them to lead following the example of his beloved son Jesus Christ. Amen!

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