The heart wants what it wants!

When dealing with affairs of the heart, we ought to be sensitive and not make rash judgements. The heart does want what it wants indeed! However we must be careful not be ruled by emotions only and  learn to temper them with wisdom. Many people around the world have had their lives destroyed in the name of so called "love".

Take for a example an abusive spouse or lover who beats the other person, sometimes to the extent of putting them in hospital and yet the injured partner gets back with the person who did that to them! I always think, where is the sense in that? Apparently, " love is blind" but not that blind to me! I am a christian and i believe what Jesus said about forgiveness, we all need it. However you can forgive that person, in case its your spouse but separation may be necessary to protect your life!

This does not only apply to love but sometimes we want things that are not good for us! They will only bring us misery and complications. You need to think and make the right choice. Love is never easy but it shouldn't be full of heartache and pain. I was reading a spiritual article last week and the writer was saying we need to love someone with God's love! That's the only way we will be able to get through the heartache and disappointments of loving someone truly. God bless you all!

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