Conserve our natural world!

There have been a lot of arguments about global warming and man's role in it. Some scientists argue that the earth has a natural warming and cooling cycle and human activity cannot be the cause of global warming and rising seas! I am not a scientist and i will not debate so much about our role in global warming.  I will however say that, we have caused the extinction of a number of animal and plant species and we continue to destroy the environment in favor of so called "economic development."

I live in Uganda and it is evident that if you are an investor, certain laws are flouted in favor of your investment. There are so many buildings built in protected areas such as wetlands and some forested land leased to private corporations for commercial exploitation. We cannot put a price on nature! One day, we will wake up and realize that we have made our planet mostly inhabitable for us as human beings and for animal and plant life!

We all have a responsibility to care for our planet earth.  What kind of heritage are we leaving for future generations?  A vast wasteland? I appeal to governments and civil organizations around the world to double efforts aimed at nature conservation. But i appeal to ordinary people like you and me to have a care for nature as we go about our busy lives. If you know that  a company or individual is destroying the environment, speak out about it and fight to stop it ! Lets start with responsible garbage disposal. Try to recycle and sort out your trash and please do not litter! God bless you all!

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