Why do we suffer?

No one wants to suffer in life and most people do their best to avoid trials and to seek out happiness in their lives, to be successful and fulfilled! Yes, it is always good to be cheerful but the true test of life is remaining cheerful and calm in the midst of great trials and sufferings!

Sometime this week, i passed by a group of homeless children laughing as they walked along the street and it got me thinking, if they can be cheery in those circumstances, what is my excuse? Today i am dealing with a little work stress but its souring my mood! Everyone who lives must suffer! It is an inescapable fact of life whether through poverty, disease, misunderstandings with family, friends and loved ones, prejudices or malice.

We should learn to embrace suffering and to suffer in silence and obedience. Some trials are given to us by God to strengthen our virtues and some for the sake of God's kingdom and some even may be a form of purgatory on earth so you can go straight to heaven when you die!  Do not be bitter and lash out at others to assuage your sorrow. As the saying goes, "misery loves company" but i take it to mean, lets help each other to bear the burden of our suffering by sharing and accepting it. May God give us the serenity, he gave his blessed mother, Mary to remain calm in the midst of the fiercest storms of life! God bless you all!

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