Hail, full of grace!

Hail Mary, hail full of grace! That was the greeting from the angel Gabriel which so startled Mary and made her uneasy at first. The 15th of august is celebrated annually in the catholic church as the feast of the assumption, one of the greatest Marian feasts.  It was a tradition of the early church to remember the assumption of Mary, who was taken up to heaven body and soul until it was defined as a dogma of our faith by Pope Pius XII on November 1, 1950.

As Catholics, we believe that Mary was conceived without stain, she is the "immaculate conception".(another dogma that i will discuss in a later post) We also believe that Mary is the only human being to have never committed sin. When God gazed on Mary, she filled him with delight, there was no fault in her and her humility was perfect. Not only that, Mary lived only for God and her virginal purity pleased the most high. I am not a theologian but i believe that is why the angel saluted her in that way.

Mary, having completed her mission in life, fell into a state of ecstasy, which caused her spirit to flee to the throne of God. St. John was with her three days watching her body without sleep but he finally succumbed to sleep on the third day and the angels came to carry their queen's body to heaven. God would not see his masterpiece's body touched by decay for it was a pure body unlike any of humanity! The assumption is described in detail in the poem of the man-God by maria valtorta. ( a catholic mystic).

Ave Maria, Ave our majestic Queen!

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