For the love of a Mother!

A mother's love cannot be described, it is one of the most wonderful things that exist! Unfortunately, some people grow up without experiencing the love of a mother and this honestly speaking, makes a child grow up to be emotionally unbalanced. We as human beings have physical and emotional needs and if we ignore the emotional and concentrate on the physical, the result is a person growing up incapable of forming mature, relationships with others!

I am not a psychiatrist but from experience and just looking at the lives of children who do not have a mother or mother figure , it is evident that there are emotional scars in their lives! That being said, i am a catholic and we believe that all God's children have a loving mother, a mother who death cannot take from us, whose love cannot be destroyed or diminished by anything !That mother is our blessed virgin mother, Mary.

Mary is the personification of all virtue's and graces, she is God's beautiful masterpiece! I was reading an excerpt from the poem of the man God by maria valtorta ( a catholic mystic). She received visions of the lord's life in the 1940's and wrote them down and in one of the excerpt's from her book, there is the story about the healing of a paralyzed child. Mary approaches the child's mother and carries him in her arms and kneels as she presents him to our lord, her son. She implores him saying "son, for the love of a mother!"

Mary is always the mother who anticipates the needs of her children and gives them to her son, Jesus! How sweet it is that we will always have such a mother , who loves us even better than our own natural mothers! Do not be afraid to approach your mother mary in confidence whenever you are in distress, her love will never fail you! Ave maria! God bless you all!

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