The cruelty and horror of abortion

Sometime back , i was reading an article about the D&E procedure of abortion. I was horrified to find out that it is a late stage abortion procedure which involves the use of suction and forceps or tongs to kill the child. Yes i use the word child because i believe that from the moment of conception, a new being is created.

I honestly cannot understand how someone can do that to a child? It is abhorrent to think that an innocent life is worthless to some people and they would not hesitate to destroy it! We murder children everyday as if it is something normal. How many millions of children have been killed over the years since abortion was legalized in certain countries? How many more will die as we push for the woman's right to choose?

We have crossed the line when it comes to abortion and we need to realize that enough is enough! Only monsters destroy their own children! We are created with dignity and we need to fight to protect that spirit of dignity and love in humanity. God bless you all!

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