Obedience to God in good works!

When we have accepted Jesus in our lives and he dwells in us, then the spirit will come down on us and transform our humanity. We will start to do good works selfishly. As St. James said "faith without action is dead". We are not saved by good works but by grace but if God's grace has really saved us , then it will be shown in the works we do which will be guided by the Holy Spirit.

That being said, our works must be done in obedience to God's will. Our works must not be done for human admiration or to increase our feeling of self worth / pride but must be an act of pure love surrendered to God. Sometimes, we do "good things" seemingly which are not in line with God's plan. I will just give an example of  running a free clinic for teenage mothers who can access services such as contraception and free abortions. In the eyes of the world, you may be helping teenagers who have made "mistakes" or trying to "protect" their health with contraception but in God's eyes you are condoning fornication and are a murderer of innocents.

May the Holy spirit guide us in our actions so that they may stem from pure love of God and neighbor and be in accordance with the will of God. Amen

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