Those who live by the sword!

Jesus is quoted in scripture as telling peter that "those who live by the sword, shall by that same sword die!" Barely a month after the Paris attacks and another shooting happens, this time in San bernadino, California. And you guessed it, carried out by "Islamic fundamentalists" , once again!
I am of the mind that all religions should be treated with respect and dignity but these attacks make it really hard to respect islam.

I was once reading an article, rather funny actually about how all other religions can co-exist in peace except when you throw in Muslims living with other faiths. There always seem to be confrontations and violence when Muslims are living with people of other faiths! Why is that? I personally work with a Muslim lady and we get along very well despite the fact that i am roman catholic and we deeply respect each others faiths.

I was reading an article last week entitled "what Isis really wants" and it was truly shocking. Apparently Isis wants to follow the example of the prophet Muhammad, literally. Which means enslave, yes make slaves out of those who resist their violent view of Islam, or kill the infidels who do not take up the faith. Islam was born in a time when most of the lands surrounding it were not Islamic and they used brute violence to spread it and that is what Isis wants to do today!

Everyone has a conscience and we cannot allow ourselves to be misled by our so called leaders! You need to ask yourself, can i follow an ideology which glorifies violence and is ready and willing to kill innocent people even children for some misguided cause? Is that really right? Can it be justified? To all peace loving Muslims out there, we respect your faith and we would like to live in harmony with you! Please spread the message of peace to all especially our children. "A salaam Aleikum!"

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