Politics and Service

It is disheartening during elections and polling how we are "charmed" and sometimes deceived by our potential and current leaders seeking to capture power or retain it. We have all heard the saying "politics is a dirty game and power is seductive". All very true words and definitely a reality in which we are living today.

Since the dawning of time, men have been seeking power but for all the wrong reasons. Leadership is meant to be something that is aspired for to make a positive change in people's well being and lives. Our leaders are meant to inspire us and motivate us especially through their example to become better people. Mahatma Gandhi famously said "be the change you want to see in the world" and if our leaders followed that principle, imagine how peaceful and wonderful our world would be!

Instead we have leaders who are constantly lying to us to get our votes, who give favors to those who funded their campaigns, who murder in the name of national security! The list is endless of the so many duplicitous things our politicians have and will do to gain or hold on to power.

Jesus is my personal example of a true leader. "I am among you as one who serves!" True leadership is about service to those entrusted to your charge. May God grant us leaders who follow the example of Christ. Amen

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