Virginity and the virtue of purity!

Yesterday, the catholic church celebrated the feast of the immaculate conception, a feast dedicated to a woman like no other, a woman who lived for God alone, the ever virgin Mary! It feels me with such wonder and amazement to contemplate the virginity of Mary! I thank God for that and it brings me such joy!

Last week i was reading an article about how difficult it is for our youth today especially , to remain chaste until marriage. Pornography is a huge issue for our youth and contributes a lot to the decadence we are experiencing among the youth. I was reading about a young lady who recalls her teenage years being quite difficult. Teenage years are often full of angst and a lot of rebellion and trying to establish your identity as you move towards adulthood.

That being said, it is even harder when your peers exert pressure on you to "give it up." The young lady in the article was even being called a lesbian for not having allowed the boys to touch her! This made me really sad and i sympathize with teenagers having to grow up in this age where the value of virginal purity has all but been destroyed!

We as a society need to return to our traditional values and we need to uphold the virtue of purity and preserve it, especially in our children as youth! In my humble opinion, children's innocence and purity is the most wonderful thing they possess and they should not throw it away for a "cheap thrill" behind car seats and who knows where! Parents and guardians and any other older adult have the responsibility  to guide and protect the virtue of purity in the youth. Young people, may the blessed virgin Mary be your model in life especially in regards to purity and in all virtues. Amen.


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