The selfishness of abortion!

Some time back i was reading an article about abortion and how many women do not share their "unplanned" pregnancy situations with the church because they feel unsupported and judged! I am sorry if i sound harsh but we need to grow up! People will judge you in life but you have to get over it. And if you think people are not judging you for abortions (including the health care provider you went to), then you are very naive indeed.

We have all been told about some special circumstances regarding abortion like rape, incest or in case the mother's life is endangered but ask yourself, out of the thousands of abortions being carried out every year with millions of babies killed, how many of those fall into the category of those special circumstances? Some women actually use abortion as a form of birth control including married women and this makes me feel sick to my stomach.

In my view, there are no so called special circumstances that can justify abortion and life is unfair sometimes. That's just the way it is. When you become a parent, either by choice or "accidentally" as some people claim. There are no accidents and most people actually get pregnant because they are having sex but they had thought they could without the most important thing being procreation. Don't fool yourself, if you are having sex, then have it in the back of your mind that pregnancy is a very real possibility. Lets all try to fight selfishness in our lives especially when it comes to being a parent. Judgements and struggles aside, there is nothing more beautiful in this world than bringing forth a new life. God bless you all!


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