The Joy that Christ brings!

Yesterday's readings from mass were centered on christian joy! We are after all in the season of advent, and we are waiting with great expectation and joy for the birth of our lord Jesus on Christmas. Christmas is my favorite season of the year.  Honestly i am such a sucker for the food, the decorations and the shopping.....Yes please ("tis the season to be jolly............"). However that is not the true meaning of christmas.

In our present times , we have tended to focus on the wrong things about Christmas. Its not about how many presents you get , or sending out the best Christmas cards, or eating the perfect dinner or getting that perfect tree ! No wonder so many people hate the holidays these days and are thoroughly stressed out in preparations that they cannot even enjoy the holidays. Christmas is NOT about Santa Claus. (yes Santa is chubby and lovable but we all have to grow up sometime). Christmas is about Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, and thus the marking a new era of light and Joy! The Savior is born to the world, Rejoice and be glad, all ye men of good will!

As st. John the baptist said to the Jews, "prepare a straight path for him", so he tells us. Let us prepare our hearts to receive the light that is Jesus by making an effort to change our lives for the better. Lets start with forgiveness. It is hard yes to forgive and during this time some families get together but end up miserable and always fighting. Spread the joy of Christ in your life start with your family and friends. God bless you all!

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