A vapor in the wind......all things will pass!

Whether we like to admit or not, all the things in this world will pass and fade away! Material things and all pleasures of this world  will never last and yet we live as if we will never die, as if we think we will live forever in this fallen world. (sigh) Our lives are like a vapor in the wind, here today and gone tomorow. Listen to the lyrics of casting crown's song "who am i"? They are very meaningful.

St. Paul tells us to keep our thoughts on God and the things in heaven, the things that last forever. Jesus also warns us against the danger of selfishness and materialism in the parable about a wealthy man who thinks to himself that he has everything he could possibly want and tells his soul to be merry and rest. God says "fool , the demand for your soul will be made this very night and this horde of yours, whose will it be then?" Very sobering words indeed!

We need to stop focusing our efforts on gaining wealth for its own sake or on living in pursuit of pleasure. Wealth is good but let it come to you through honest and fair efforts , not through exploitation or silly get rich quick schemes!
Our emphasis on material things and getting wealth has actually pushed people to desperation, some people will do just about anything to get rich! As well, some people will risk anything in the pursuit of a moment of pleasure. (sigh) Lord, do not make so poor as to curse you or so wealthy as to forget you! Amen. Lord, may my heart's desire always be you and may i live to please you! Amen

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