Why do you persecute me?

I assume we have all heard about the recent brutal murder of a catholic priest in France for which ISIS claimed responsibility.  I do not understand how someone can take pleasure in taking another human being's life and even gloat about it. Is there anything more despicable in life than the taste for violence, the desire for blood? Moreover inniocent blood.

Not long ago , the same ISIS beheaded four children for refusing to rtenounce their faith in Jesus. What kind of barbarians are these? That innocent blood that they keep on spilling cries out to the Lord for vengeance and woe to those who have merited God's wrath, they will be anhilated!

Paul was once asked by Jesus , when he was still saul, " why do you persecute me?" . It seems Jesus is asking the same question of ISIS today. They seem to be hell bent on destroying christianity but their efforts will come to nought. The Romans tried it but where are they now? The blood of the matryrs will always be the seed of the church. So i say to ISIS, do your worst, you will never be able to destroy the body of Christ. We will suffer and pray and we will always come back stronger. We will love you and we will fight you with love! God bless his children all over the world. Amen

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