You choose your place in eternity!

We are utlitmatley responsible for our own fate! God gave us free will when he created us. We are free to either love him or reject him. God in his infinite love and wisdom created us to love him but he did not want to control us. We have to choose either life or death.

Sin , which is the choice to reject him, always comes with consequences. Notice how the things you do that go against him always have baggage attached to them. They may seem to make you feel good in the moment but after the monent has passed, they leave lasting negative effects on you and those around you. Sin effectively destroys the life of grace within your soul!

You may not know it or believe it but your soul becomes lifeless when you are always steeped in sin and unrepented sin causes you to become dead inside. God always gives us chances to turn back to him, to respond to his love, upto the moment of our death! When you die however, your choices become permanent and if your choice has been to reject him all your life, then you will have chosen HELL and there you will dwell for all eternity.

Many people think , oh how can God be so cruel as to create Hell. Hell in my opinion is our own creation by our choice to reject God and his love and our choice to reject his mercy. God desires only our salvation but if we will not repent of our sin and turn to merciful love, then we will have chosen hell. God is merciful love but he is also true Justice and if we will not have him as merciful svaiour, then we will not escape his Justice. I choose Life in Jesus Christ. What will you choose?

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