To whom much is given.......much will be expected!

We are all born with gifts or talents, it is how we use them, to make a life for ourselves and for others that matters. Some people are born into a world of privelege and wealth, others into one of seeming hardship and poverty and others in between. We do not choose the circumstances of our birth but we do choose the way we live our lives!

Leaders and wealthy people are charged to an even higher standard of repsonsibiliy than others because their lives and the good or poor choices they make have an impact on the lives of the people around them. They literally have people's lives in their hands. I live in a country in Africa where people die everyday from malaria, many of them children. A few years back there was a donor project that gave aid for malaria and the money ended up in the pockets of some corrupt individuals!

People have dulled their consciences to the extent that they will sleep soundly after having done such a duplicitous thing! People will have died because of your poor actions but no one seems to care as long as they get away with it! You are only fooling yourself! You cannot and will not get away with it. Whether in this life or the next you will face justice and you cannot escape from Divine justice. You will be asked to give an account of your life and if you have squanderd your talent and wasted your life on pleasure and wealth or building yourself up by crushing the backs of others then you will finally meet the end you have merited by your actions and intentions. (Hell) May God save us from such a fate, Amen.

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