To be exalted!

Yesterday's bible readings were themed on the virtue of humility. Yes, very difficult indeed to be humble especially in today's world where we are encouraged to parade our accomplishments before others. Sometimes we are given gifts that we have no control over such as a special talent or beauty or some we have worked hard for , like building a succesful buisness or attaining higher levels of education.

It is a good thing to be accomplished indeed but an even greater thing when those accomplishments keep you from pride. Humiltiy can be deifned as thinking less of oneself and what one deserves or needs. We are by nature selfish and move towards pride. We love to be dsitinguished among our peers and flattered . We love to be esteemed by men!

God says "those who humble themselves shall be exalted and those who exalt themselves, shall be humbled!". Do not seek favor in men's eyes but  rather seek God's favor, he will reward your humility. Mary is esteemd among all of creation because she humbled herself above all, her humiltiy is unmatched. May she be our model as we seek to be humble. Amen.

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