The kingdom and the Pearl!

Jesus in one of his famed parables, once likened the kindom of heaven to a most precious pearl, which once a merchant finds, sells everything he owns just to posess that pearl! Believe it or not, you and i were created to fulfill a destiny that holds a place for us in God's kingdom. We were created princes and heirs to God's wonderful kingdom!

We all have things we treasure in our lives. To some people it is their children, to others it is their wealth and power and to others still pleasure and the love of a spouse or companion. If we could only learn that the world is fleeting and passing away. All things here on earth will eventually fade away not matter how beautiful or good they may seem to be. You have only one thing that will last forever and that is your immortal soul!

Jesus has already paid the price for your salvation, he has bought the pearl for you so to speak. It is up  to you to guard it jealously and cherish it or lose it in your own negligence! We must seek first the Kingdom of God and truly everything else you need will fall in line! Lord grant me the prudence to always work towards the glory of your kingdom. Amen.

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