Ave Regina!

On Monday, we celebrated the feast of the Queenship of Mary. It is traditionally celebrated a week after the feast of the Assumption. We, as the catholic church, believe that Mary after having been assumed into heaven, body and soul, was crowned Queen of Heaven and earth. By the fact of giving birth to Christ the king, she had already assumed the title of Queen mother which by jewish tradition, was the most important title in the kingdom.

Some christian denominations may not understand why we venerate Mary above all created beings and think that we try to make her more important than Jesus. That is not true. Mary has always pointed us in the direction of the savior Jesus, even at the wedding in cana, she tells the servants, " Do whatever he tells you!" Mary is saying the same thing today that she did centuries ago, do what my son tells you!

The humility of Mary is unmatched in all of creation and this attracted the favor of the most high. That is why even the angel (pure spirit) addresses his Queen as Hail Mary, full of grace! Mary is already overlfowing with God's graces even while here on earth and has vowed to live only for God, to live in perpetual virginity! When God gazed on Mary's soul, it was spotless and beautiful beyond measure. Mary truly is the immaculate conception, mirror of her spouse (the Holy Spirit). Ave Maria, Ave Regina!

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