The sanctity of marriage

In my mind, marriage is a lifelong commitment between a man and a woman in who vow to love and support, trust and support each other always throughout their lives, facing life's challenges together. Note how i wrote commitment, it has to be renewed everyday. Feelings of love will not always be present so do not focus so much on the way you are feeling but rather focus on the commitment you made and honor your vow.

In today's world, we keep searching for the "right" or perfect person for one another! If its not working, then why bother? According to stastistics, half of all marriages, (i think today its even more than half), end in divorce. Some couples cannot even make it through a year together or even a few months! (sigh) Our focus is on having lavish weddings but not on building lasting marriages. We are only fooling ourelves. There are no perfect people in this world, we are all flawed. There is no perfect marriage, everyday is a test of your commitment!

Lets not think that our marriages will be the stuff of fairytales. Marriage is hard and alot of work but it is one of the most beautiful things God has given us. Here, i am speaking about marriage between a man and a woman! And dont get me started on marriages done in vegas chapels or those supposedly conducted by a minister ordained on the internet! On the internet? And that is supposed to be a valid marriage? I think not! We need to start living our lives in the real world not in hollywood!

Marriage is also about compromise! Try always to meet your spouse halfway, listen to them and do not patronise them infront of others or at all! Forgive , when your partner has wronged you and let it go! You are no longer two people but are joined as one and thus you should be true partners to one another. May God bless your marriages and truly make you as one! Amen.

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